100 Products UPC EAN GS1 Certified Barcode Label


  • 1 Unit include 15 same barcode labels (EAN-13 or UPC-12) for 100 products
  • Format: PDF A4 (11” x 8.5”) size
  • Valid for All PoS System Worldwide
  • Certified Barcode Label
  • 100% Genuine
  • Estimated Delivery Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Mode of Delivery: Email

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UPC EAN GS1 Certified Barcode Label


What is Barcode ?

A barcode is a square or rectangular image consisting of a series of parallel black lines and white spaces of varying widths that can be read by a scanner (PoS System). Barcodes are applied to products as a means of quick identification. They are used in retail stores as part of the purchase process, in warehouses to track inventory, and on invoices to assist in accounting, among many other uses.


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